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What is Octo Members?

Octo Members is the very first app based private community for UK financial services professionals, where advisers, fund managers, wealth managers and professional consultants can come together to share knowledge and best practices.

Together we’re creating the largest, most comprehensive community-generated collection of ideas, experiences and world class content created exclusively by and for our members. We invite you to Connect. Share. Engage.

Why Join Octo Members?

Join us to meet thousands of financial planners, advisers, paraplanners, consultants, marketers and paraplanners like you who are connecting in a trusted peer-to-peer community around topics like:

  • Advice
  • Economics
  • Practice Development
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Investments
  • Regulation
  • … and much more!

"We believe we can do this with world class content which we can engage with and debate."

We believe that we are privileged to work within one of the most vibrant, accomplished and intelligent sectors within the UK. We believe that time spent discussing, debating and contributing to sharing knowledge, best practice and discussing the important things is time incredibly well spent. It is so much more than that though, it is an investment in self, in career and in improving knowledge and outcomes which can only have a positive impact on everything we do on behalf of our clients.

"Your knowledge will become community knowledge."

We also believe that the most important thing we can do in business is help each other by interacting and helping in a positive manner our colleagues and peers. Together we do good things, but when we share our skills and help each other as a community, we can do great things.

Who is Octo Members for?

This community is designed to facilitate debate, discussion, discourse around output from some of the best thinkers, practitioners, fund managers and thought leaders in our profession. If you are one of them, we want you to get involved and help this community thrive.

UK financial services professionals and those interacting in a professional capacity with financial services are invited to request to join this private community by answering the three questions accessible through the "Request to Join" button above. 

All members who join are deemed to consent to our terms and conditions, are willing to join our data records and have satisfactorily answered these three quick questions.

"We created Octo Members because we lost the ability to talk to each other about our business issues. Regulation has made it harder for us in financial services to compare, contrast and learn from other successful people." 

— Andy Brown, Octo Members Co-Founder and Fund Management Professional

"At Octo we aim to curate and collect resources, and with your help build an incredibly useful library of the best financial services content we can find. We don't mean factsheets and backward looking commentary, we mean detail that will lead to debate and action. 

We can effectively crowdsource knowledge and experience and share it with each other."

— Lee Robertson, Octo Members Co-Founder and Managing Director